Industries We Cover

Factory Automation and Sensors

A decade’s experience recruiting for companies in factory automation and sensors has brought us the know-how to find sales engineers, technical support staff and design engineers. This experience covers both sensors (fuel, marine, and factories), as well as measurement instruments, machine-vision equipment and automation systems. We know this business inside-out, and that includes finding candidates for countries all across Europe.

Power generation and Power distribution

One of our primary focus sectors has always been power generation (gas and steam turbines) and power distribution (high-voltage power-lines and transformers). From Sales engineers for diagnostic equipment to gas-turbine maintenance technicians and power-plant project managers, we understand this field and how to find the professionals.

Automotive Industry

Eight-years experience filling positions across Europe with German, American and British automotive parts suppliers brought us a large database of candidates, and also a profound understanding of the industry and its requirements. Areas of expertise include: Piston rings, brakes, steering systems, transmission systems, turbo-chargers, lighting, wire-harness and many others. Not only do we service tier-one and tier-2 suppliers, but we have also work for several manufacturers in design, manufacturing and dealer-network management.

Oil & Gas Industry

Whether for North Sea, Middle-East, Central Asia, Far-East or Nigeria, we have the candidates for every possible vacancy in the upstream oil & gas industry. Our already large database of oil-&-gas-related candidates grows by an average of 50 applications per day, providing a huge resource for selection whether your requirement is onshore or offshore. Add to this our knowledge of the industry and its processes, and you have the professional solution for permanent employees and temporary contractors. Covering all facets of the industry from exploration and development through rig design, fabrication and construction to drilling and production supervision, we offer top professional service.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction

Accounting for more than half of our business, EPC recruitment is a market we excel in, attested to by the fact that we work for several of the market leaders in the Engineering Procurement & Construction field. This includes engineers for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical Plants, Power Generation & Distribution, Nuclear Power, Marine Engineering, Infrastructure and Industrial Civil engineering etc. We continuously supply local design & Planning Engineers for European headquarters as well as project contractors for Middle-East (including Iraq), North-Sea, Far-East, Nigeria, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Mechanical and Heavy Industry

Another major branch of clients are global manufacturers producing in Asia and selling in Europe. This includes machine tool manufacturers of CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, drilling, milling and boring machines.

We also service two of the world’s largest manufacturers of 3-axis robots. Other clients are manufacturing gas-turbines, materials handling equipment, extrusion machines and large manufacturing equipment.


Programmers, software architects, system administrators, and IT managers are positions we have filled within this dynamic field. We are also familiar with telecom applications such as Voice-over IP, TCP IP, and international data transfer.

Chemicals Industry

Garment sealing and conditioning, paint additives, fine chemicals, PET, semi-conductor manufacturing chemicals, lubricants, and specialty-chemicals are all areas in which we have worked. Positions filled include: Sales Engineers, marketing staff, order-processing staff, customer services, and market researchers.


This covers a wide range from consumer electronics such as photocopiers and digital camera companies, to high-end electronic equipment such as sensors, measuring devices, digital microscopes, recording equipment, dialysis machines, electron-beam mask-writers, PCB-mounting machines, etc. In terms of electronic components suppliers, we have experience in most major areas, including PCBs, LEDs, LCDs, plasma screens, microphones and speakers for mobile phones, power supplies etc.