Are you specialized in international recruitment?

More than half of our projects are with American, German or Korean companies. Some of these projects are recruiting foreign specialists or staff for posting in foreign countries such as USA, Korea, Russia, etc. Many of our placements are in continental Europe.

Do you also employ Korean and other foreign staff?

We employ about 85% Europeans and 15% non-EU nationals, including many Koreans.

When did you begin in this business?

The company has been in existence since Dec 1997. Some of our consultants have more than 10 years recruitment experience.

Do you also work for UK companies?

Absolutely! Around half of our clients are local companies.

Who founded Visionline Management and why?

Our company was founded by two partners who had experience in both local and international recruitment. They decided to use their knowledge of European and foreign cultures to bridge the gap for international companies.

Who can apply for a job through Visionline?

Anyone. We also welcome applications from Korean, other Asian nationalities and US residents and citizens.

Are you specialised for any particular industry?

We cover almost all sectors and industries. We have regularly worked in the major industries, and have done many specialized recruitment projects in extremely limited niche industries.

Which industries do you cover the most?

Our greatest experience lies in Financials, Automotive, Chemicals, Electronics and Software, and Heavy Industry. (see our “industries” page for more details).

What kind of positions do you fill?

We employ people in all possible positions from mechanic to director level. This includes many secretaries, bookkeepers, sales assistants, marketing staff, sales representatives, sales engineers, development engineers, CAD engineers, sales managers, HR and administration managers, financial directors and controllers, senior management, etc. (See our “positions” page for more details).

Which geographical areas do you cover?

We cover all of Europe, (including Eastern Europe), Korea, Russia, USA and Canada. (See our “Countries” page for more details).

Will you also take on projects in other countries?

If it makes sense for our client to employ us for such a project will gladly use our international recruitment expertise to solve their recruitment problem in any country. We will give you an honest evaluation if it makes sense to use Visionline Management or a local recruitment company in another country.

Do you provide headhunting services?

Yes we do, but we have a strict policy that we never headhunt inside a company which is currently or has been our client at any time in the past.

If you undertake a headhunting project, can you be confidential
regarding the client?

Absolutely, we never mention the client’s name until they give approval.

What fee do you charge clients?

Our fees are the industry standard, and varies by search method. We also can extend an introductory offer for first-time clients as well as a discount for multiple-position projects. Please see our “Request Quotation” page.

Is there any kind of registration fee for candidates?

No, not at all.

If I apply for a new job through Visionline Management, will my information be kept confidential?

Absolutely. We consult candidates before sending their information to our clients.

Where does Visionline Management have offices?

We cover all areas from UK and Germany.

Do you offer places for apprentices and interns?

Our clients are generally small and medium-sized companies and we do not generally have vacancies for apprentices or interns.

What makes Visionline Management different to other recruitment agencies?

Our consultants have many experience working with international businesses and therefore have a deep understanding of companies from different cultures such as American, Korean, German, French, British etc. Therefore we know the kind of employees which fit best. Our hard work and results-oriented service have given us a positive reputation and long-term business relationships with our clients.