Project Procedure

The following is an overview of the project procedure:

1. Project Plan

Once we know exactly the kind of person you are looking for, we can recommend the best method or combination of methods to locate them.

2. Initial Search

This includes contacting candidates through daily internet database search, headhunting or calling our contacts in the relevant industry. It also includes internet or media advertisement, whichever methods we have agreed upon.

3. First Screening

We carefully study the CVs, then select the candidates who are technically qualified.

4. Pre-Interviews

Suitable candidates are interviewed to get an impression of the personality, to determine if they fit.

5. Personal Interviews

The most suitable candidates will be presented to you in person, presentation will be conducted until you have a sufficient understanding of the candidates. If that means two rounds, then we will gladly arrange two rounds.

6. Contract of Employment

Once you have made your choice, we can assist you in negotiations of conditions and contract signature. We can also advise on local salary levels and typical working conditions.

7. Guarantee

We offer a six-month guarantee, that should the person not perform satisfactorily, or should they leave the company for any reason, we will find a new employee with no fee charge.

Normally, 3-6 months is enough to know if a new employee has integrated in the team and working hard. For some senior positions or industrial sales jobs, one can not be sure in six months, therefore we can also offer our one-year premiere guarantee upon request.