About Us

The “win-win-win” philosophy

Our mission is to locate and place suitable candidates in positions where the employee and the employer both win. Right candidates equal good results, equal expanding clients with increased recruitment needs. And naturally we also win.

That is what we mean by “win-win-win” philosophy.

International Experience:

Different countries have different perspectives and cultural requirements. Our expertise is in understanding those differences. For example, German companies have different expectations of employees than French companies. And across the Atlantic is another entirely different culture.

Our consultants are all international people who have lived and worked in many different cultures. For this reason, we understand your particular needs, and can therefore find the type of candidates you require.

We also have the know-how and the capability to locate candidates in every European country, in Korea, China, USA, Canada or wherever you need your staff.

Local Boys (and girls):

Since our headquarters is located in the UK, we like to think we know the local labour market well. In fact, almost half of our clients are local companies employing local candidates.

The Perfect Match

The perfect match means more than just paper qualifications and past work experience, it means also personality. Productivity is increased through harmony in the work-place. We ensure our candidates are suited for the job, both in qualifications and personality.

For applicants our commitment to service is no less, as we want our candidates to feel satisfied with the right level of challenge. We know people will give their best when the employee-employer working relationship is positive and well-matching.

The Details:

puzzleoutlineVisionLine Management Ltd. was incorporated in the UK on 23 Dec 1997.
Company number 3485153.